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Personal Training T.V. Show – “Workout”

July 24th, 2006 by Fitness Guardian

Workout on BravoWorkout – the new Bravo T.V. show about Jackie Warner and her Sky Sport and Spa club is just about to air. 

I think anytime an industry is portrayed on T.V. it’s a double edged sword.  On one hand, the audience exposure to the benefits of personal fitness training will be great for the industry as a whole.  From the reviews and background information I’ve read, Jackie Warner, the show’s main focus is credible, professional and genuinely committed to making a difference in clients lives.

On the downside, there is always a risk of alienating viewers when you showcase the high end of the personal training profession.  Exclusive L.A. studios and spas, egotistical trainers and super-fit clients may not provide a realistic portrayal of fitness training for the masses.

But hey, I’ll reserve all judgment at this point.  I’m looking forward to watching the show.  I’ll be back with my review.

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