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July 3rd, 2006 by Fitness Guardian

Making Diamonds
Consider the diamond. Strong. Beautiful. Priceless. It can cut through steel, symbolize eternal love and captivate those who look upon it. It represents excellence and better life. The power of the diamond is physical, social and emotional.

Yet this exciting power starts as a lump of coal. It’s a raw material with potential. Only when coal is subjected to the right combination of heat, pressure and time can it transform into a diamond.

A Diamond is the product of process. So is the human body. So is an exceptional fitness business.

Diamond Cut®
In 1995, I started Diamond Cut Inc. – a fitness development company serving private and corporate clients. My purpose was to apply the spirit and transformational example of the diamond to enhance client’s lives through nutrition, exercise and education.

My personal goal was to create a premium company guided by principles of excellence. Diamond Cut business and training systems were meticulously designed to provide distinctive value for clients, partners and staff.

Diamond Cut was not in the fitness business. We were in the life enhancement business. We believed in delivering exercise experiences instead of workouts. Same road, different ride. Our clients took notice. They told their friends.

Success and Experience
The company’s fluid business model provided the opportunity to train clients in many venues and environments. I have worked with clients in studios, clubs, resorts and progressive sports medicine facilities. I’ve delivered exercise experiences in garages, dirty basements and parking lots. I’ve been flown to workouts in private jets and helicopters. I’ve been hired to accompany clients on vacations. And I have trained in state of the art home gyms with panoramic views and every possible amenity.

As Diamond Cut Inc. grew and I hired more fitness specialists, it provided me with the capital and free time to invest in other business opportunities like starting StrollerFit®.

In early 2004, I disbanded Diamond Cut to devote full time to StrollerFit after merging it with an investment entity.

Diamond Cut 2.0
In March of 2006, I transitioned out of my active role as President of StrollerFit Inc. For quite some time I had thought about relaunching the Diamond Cut® Brand not as a consumer oriented company, but as a business accelerator for fitness professionals.

Now, personal trainers and fitness service providers can use the Diamond Cut methods to build their own success. The new Diamond Cut provides fitness professionals with the information, systems and tools they need to get an edge in today’s fitness market.

Stay tuned,

Curt Conrad

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