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bravo workout season 2 reviews

May 1st, 2007 by Fitness Guardian

Jackie Warner, Bravo WorkoutIt’s got all the ingredients for a great show:

Strong & Sexy
It’s reality based, has a strong, sexy lead persona (Jackie Warner), takes place in a cool, hip setting (Sky Sport and Spa) and addresses lifestyle, social issues (gay/lesbian lifestyle, relationship dysfunction, body image, weight loss psychology, and sadly even death and suicide)

Bravo Workout Pulled In Viewers
Bravo brought Workout back for a second season citing in a press release

Season Two: Less Fitness, More?
Season one had solid reviews. So how is the show doing in its second season? Depends on what you’re looking for. My take is season 2 strays too far away from fitness material – but I’ll withhold complete judgment until the season finale…

Here’s some other opinions on the Bravo workout, Jackie Warner and Sky sport & spa crew – season two:

The only issue I had with the show is it focuses less on working out than it does on the dramatic encounters of Warner and the training staff. If I wanted to watch a show about relationship drama, I could choose from countless other reality “dramadies” that dominate the small screen. However, one does not watch “Grey’s Anatomy” primarily for the medical jargon, so perhaps I expected a bit too much on the personal training edge.

Still, “Work Out” is inspiring insofar as its overall message, which is that fit people are happy people. After I caught up on my fair share of re-runs, I was inspired to hit the gym. Although my own local haunt is nothing like Sky Sport & Spa, I still feel like a rockstar on the spin bike! – Mary, West Islip

One of the more entertaining and ‘real,’ series is Bravo’s “Workout.” Centered on SkySport & Spa Gym in Beverly Hills and owner Jackie Warner and her trainers, the show itself plays out like a show within a show.

Yes, it’s entertaining and fun, but you don’t forget for a second that these are real people with real issues and problems just like the rest of us.

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