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Diamond Cut Review of Bravo’s “Workout”

July 26th, 2006 by Fitness Guardian

Jackie WarnerIt’s refreshing to see a show that captures both the business and personal side of personal training – making it accessible to all. As a personal fitness trainer and business owner, I found myself smiling again and again at the business environment and personality combinations that form the essence of the “Workout”.

Power, Passion & Passive?
Jackie Warner is the owner of LosAngeles based SkySport & Spa. She comes across as knowledgeable, likable, ethical yet somewhat tyrannical as she drives toward her goal of making SkySport the best gym in L.A.. She is mentally and physically strong, yet we see her submissive side when she deals with the personal tension created by her girlfriend Mimi.

Every “Body” has a Story
The Workout also offers the personalities and lifestyles of Jackie’s core personal training team. Their quirks, interactions and issues will undoubtedly provide the fuel for highly combustible episodes. Set against a backdrop of celebrity, glamour, and adrenaline I think the Workout Series on bravo has the potential to be red hot with viewers.

Lessons For Trainers
For personal trainers the show offers all the Diamond Cut principles of elite personal training in action. Study Jackie Warner and you’ll see how it comes together. She definitely understands the magic formula and her success is an ideal case study for entrepreneurial personal trainers. I’ll break down her applications in future posts.

If She Can Do It So Can You
Meantime, if you’re a personal trainer, ask yourself what business Jackie Warner is really in? How does she manage her environment to go beyond working out and create “exercise experiences” for her clients? Why is she paid $400.00 per session? How can you make the same?

(Watch WORKOUT video clip)

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