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How To Grow Your Personal Fitness Training Business

July 14th, 2006 by Fitness Guardian

Intermediate trainers who have a good track record of creating health and fitness results for clients are ready to start fine tuning themselves for rapid growth.  Below is a three step process to attain it.

It’s Important To Know What You Want
Everyone has their own definition of success.  What’s yours?  It’s key to have a clear picture of what you want your personal training business to achieve for you and your lifestyle.  This usually means starting with time and money goals. 

STEP ONE: Define Goals Incrementally
How much money do you want to make?  How much time will you devote to achieving that goal?  I’ve found answering these questions incrementally helps you be realistic and action oriented.  For instance - define your objectives in time increments of “month”, “quarter” and “year”.

*Note – I’m assuming that you are a fitness professional because you enjoy helping people and wish to make a positive difference in their lives.  In my opinion, earning money is a direct result of how much value you provide to clients/customers and your business aptitude and effectiveness in doing so.  Therefore, setting money goals directly correlates to goals for helping people.

Focus Statements
Clearly stating your goals will provide a focus for action and a reference to evaluate your progress.  Try writing the following:

  • “By (month – date in 30 days) I will be earning ($$$) per week and working (XXX) hours.”
  • “By (Quarters – date in 90, 180 days) I will be earning ($$$) per week and working (XXX) hours.”
  • “By (Year – date in 365 days) I will be earning ($$$) per week and working (XXX) hours.”

STEP TWO: Establish The Reality Behind Your Goals
Now you need to determine the mix of clients, price per session and sessions per week needed to achieve your goals.  This is your reality.  So if your monthly goal is to make an extra $500 per week, you need to attach that to reality.  How many new clients do you need at what price per session, and how many sessions per week to make $500?

You can also back into this a number of different ways.  One is starting with the total sessions you need to sell to achieve your goal.  So, if you charge $50 per session, you know you need to conduct another 10 sessions per week to make that $500. 

These sessions can take place in a variety of ways. It can be with 2 new clients working with you 5 times per week.  It can also mean 5 new clients working with you twice a week.  You get the picture.  In future posts I will address frequency of purchase as a way to immediately increase your income without adding new clients…

Remember your Time Factor
If you want to work less hours you will need to charge more per session or find additional ways to increase your income per hour.

STEP THREE: The Action Plan 
This is the how behind your reality.  If you need 3 new clients, working out 3 times per week – what specific actions are you going to take to get those new clients in the next 30 days?  Write it down.  Make it happen.  It’s that simple… 

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