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Jackie Warner’s Workout Philosophy

September 6th, 2006 by Fitness Guardian

Jackie WarnerFrom an interview with After Ellen:

AE: What are your favorite workouts?
Well, I love doing legs and chest. … All big muscle groups is my favorite workout. I love to lift weights. Lifting weights is still my primary workout and my love; I miss it when I’m away from it for a couple of days.

AE: Do you ever hike any of the trails around L.A.?
I don’t hike; I bike. I mountain bike, so I’ll take the trails with the mountain bike; I’m not so much a hiker. And I love the water. I love to swim, I love to surf, I love to snorkel, I love to dive. I love anything in the ocean.

AE: What’s your personal workout philosophy?
This is my motto: Everything done in moderation is OK, so I’m not a person that tries to take your lifestyle and make it mine. And I do enjoy everything — I enjoy the things that other people like. I enjoy having drinks occasionally, but I make sure and only do it at times not of responsibility and not to excess. And I enjoy having food, and I have my cheat weekends.

Every weekend is a cheat weekend where I have one meal each day that I really love, or ice cream or candy at the movies, but Monday through Friday I am really good — very good. So you just have to know yourself and know that moderation is the key — not excess and not deprivation. It just doesn’t work.

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