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Too Intense. More on Jackie Warner, Mimi and The Trainers at Skysport Spa

August 2nd, 2006 by Fitness Guardian

The third installment of “Workout” bored me with Jackie Warner and her lesbian lover Mimi squaring off against Jackie’s mother. It also disappointed me to watch Warner taking an obese woman through a first workout so intense it made her puke.

Exercise Intensity and Results
As personal trainers we face pressure to create results for clients in a reasonable amount of time. Exercise intensity is a key tool for accelerating physical change, but it’s a double edge sword. A seasoned fitness professional is able to ebb and flow a workout to maintain an intensity level appropriate to the clients capacity moment by moment.

When working with the unconditioned (especially the first time) I would think it’s common sense to be conservative with exercise intensity. An elite trainer billing $400.00 per session like Jackie Warner should have this skill. Is her client really going to see results faster by pushing her physical limits on the first workout? Especially Tess, who clearly states her health risks. (Video clip)

How To Lose Clients
If you want to get rid of clients fast just make them throw up during a workout. Unless they are being filmed by a T.V. crew they will most likely challenge your competence as a trainer once they recover. Warner lucked out that her client stuck it out…

An Accident Waiting To Happen
If an out of shape, obese person exercises at an intensity that causes them to vomit they are putting their health, wellbeing and even life in jeopardy. They are literally an accident waiting to happen. Perhaps Ms. Warner needs to consider her application of client training progression. It will save her from needing 911 on speed-dial and keep her liability insurance low.

Read more on Jackie Warner and the Skysport Spa Trainers at Fitness Guardian. 

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