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Tales From Jackie Warner’s Skysport Spa – How personal fitness training opens doors.

August 18th, 2006 by Fitness Guardian

Brian “Peeler” got his big break and fitness made it happen. He’s one of the trainers on Bravo’s Workout – a reality (maybe) Docu-drama about Jackie Warner, her girfriend Mimi and building her Skysport spa business.

Flashback a year: Peeler, 27, is a drifter with a dream wallowing in Salisbury, NC. He wants to break into acting but can’t make it happen.

The Charlotte Observer tells the tale:

Peeler grew up in Granite Quarry, just outside Salisbury, and dropped out of East Rowan High in 10th grade. An athlete and certified trainer, he tried working in construction, as a flight attendant and as a model, without much success.

So he sold his stuff and left for California in his beat-up Isuzu, with just enough gas money to get there. He spent his last $20 on a photo to help him get cast as a movie or TV extra, he said.

The casting calls led to few roles. But Peeler made friends, and one told him to capitalize on his trainer experience instead of pining for his dream role. Peeler got a job at a gym and was recruiting customers when he heard about tryouts for the Bravo show.

Peeler said he crashed the audition for kicks. He nailed the gig by being himself. Now he’s on TV, doing what he loves and hoping for his next big break.

“I came out here with nothing, and now my life is so great,” said Peeler, soon to be married.

If you’ve watched the show just ask yourself what Peeler has that you don’t? Really nothing…

1. He had a dream.
2. He took action and risk to pursue it by changing his environment and knocking on doors. (Hey, 70% of anything is just showing up)
3. He used what he knew about (fitness) as a way to get to something he didn’t know about (Acting)

What can personal training do for you?

More on Jacke Warner, Mimi and the trainers at SkySport Spa at FitnessGuardian

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