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The Hard Road of Jackie Warner’s Clothing Line

March 18th, 2008 by Fitness Guardian

One of the big aspects of Jackie Warner’s Workout Season 3 is the launch of her new clothing line.  Originally conceived in season one as the “LIFT” line it quickly disappeared.  It re-emerged in season two as Sky Lab by Jackie Warner.

A Workout season two episode is devoted to Jackie working with her clothing designers and approaching executives at Paiva to distribute the Jackie Warner clothing line in their stores.  Paiva started selling Jackie Warner’s apparel line shortly after.


The Problem With Jackie Warner & Paiva
A visit to the Paiva website tells the story here.  Seems upscale women’s clothing retailer Paiva, a subsidiary of FinshLine, is game over.  Here’s an excerpt from a March 2008 Indianapolis Business Journal article quoting a business analyst:

“Finish Line certainly has its challenges,” he said. He noted that Paiva, a 15-store chain for upscale women the company launched in 2006, failed to take off and was shuttered last summer. 

Jackie Warner’s Clothing Line Goes It Alone
jackie-warner-sky-shop-apparel-1.jpgNow Jackie’s clothing line is up to bat for the third time sold via the Skysport and Spa Store.

Will the exposure from the Bravo T.V. show, Jackie Warner’s growing celebrity and the soon to be released nutrition supplements and DVD’s help move the merchandise?

We’ll have to wait and see.  Especially in an increasingly recession driven, price sensitive market that’s facing competition from comparable, stylish women’s fitness apparel sold for less, it may be tough going.

What do you think?

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