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The Magic Formula For Building An Advanced Personal Training Business

July 18th, 2006 by Fitness Guardian

Diamond Cut

Many personal trainers with advanced experience and skills can get stuck in a rut.  They fall prey to the “do it all” trap.  They run from client to client, workout to workout because the trainer is the business.  When they max out, so does their income.

Breakout Time
To avoid the trap, advanced trainers need an advanced business.  They need to leverage the assets of their skills, experience, track record and client demand into something bigger than themselves.  Here’s the formula to take you there.  It’s the secret all elite personal trainers know.  The numbers in the formula represent assets.

The Magic Formula

1 + 1 = 3

Wait a minute – that goes against traditional thinking.  Doesn’t 1 + 1 = 2 ?  For most people that’s the case.  They see the world in a linear way – work an hour, get paid for an hour.  When you’re an advanced personal trainer your abilities can change the math. 

Let’s break down the formula:

one (your advanced skills and experience) plus one (Your satisfied clients and their results) equals or creates an entirely new and independent element to the equation.   It creates a third element – a branded business advantage. You can use this 3rd asset to expand your business beyond your personal time and energy resources.

Here’s another example.  Take a new actor or actress that uses the formula.  Here’s how they can apply it.

1 (their acting skills)
1 (the movie they just stared in)
3 (Their Celebrity Power)

Acting skills + Movie = or creates the third asset of celebrity.  The actor uses the celebrity status to get more movies at a higher pay scale, perhaps get endorsement contracts, start a line of branded clothing and on and on.  Their celebrity has become a real, tangible third asset created by adding the first two assets together – making one plus one equal three.

The “Magic” Part Of The Formula
The power in the formula comes from understanding the other two assets are still working for you in addition to the third.  You get to profit from all three!  The actor’s acting skills are still a very valuable asset and the original movie they made is still earning income, plus what the actor was paid to be in the movie.  But what those two things created – the celebrity is the most valuable part.
1 + 1 = 3

It Gets Even Better
Typically the first elements of the formula are “active assets”.  You use your time and energy to develop and deliver them.  The 3rd asset the formula creates is usually a “passive asset” – one that adds value and profit without additional time and energy input from you.

Apply The Magic Formula To Your Personal Fitness Training Business
The formula is conceptual.  There are countless ways to apply it to personal training.  Here’s an example:

1 (Your skills and experience)
1 (Your clientele and their positive results)
3 (Your Brand)

You can use your brand asset to hire other trainers, increase your rates, expand into new markets, sell apparel and other products, create joint ventures and on and on.  The purpose of this post is not to go into specifics, but get you to think differently.  I want you to see what’s hidden in plain site.

Your Magic Formula
So what about you?  Where can 1 + 1 = 3 in your business?  In your job?  In your life?



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